Build a simple semantically valid carousel from scratch (part 3)

After we’ve made a proof analysis of the Carousel, thinking about it’s structure and making it strictly semantic, we’ve discussed about the presentation using only CSS if javascript would not be available. The result is acceptable and works fine in the most browsers. But in this article we will wet our hands into jQuery and make our Carousel really cool! (altro…)

Build a simple semantically valid carousel from scratch (part 2)

In the previous part of this article we had structured the HTML for our carousel, it has a strongly semantic structure. But it is only HTML. In this article we will discuss how to implement an acceptable style sheet in absence of Javascript in honor of Progressive Enhancement!


Build a simple semantically valid carousel from scratch (part 1)

In the latest day I wonder how to build a carousel like iTunes coverflow but more simpler. First of all we’ll make a checklist of requirements, second we’ll make a scratch of the carousel, third we’ll analyze each element of the scratch, which is their role in the context and at the end we will develop the jQuery solution. (altro…)

Improving jQuery Infinite Carousel (part two)

Just few days ago I described how to make the Infinite Carousel flexible. In this tutorial I would like to describe you how to solve some bugs introduced by the previous article (just an improvement) and how to implement the swipe event into this carousel. (altro…)

Improving jQuery Infinite Carousel (part one)

Recently i was looking for a jQuery Carousel and the most interesting I found was the one proposed by jQuery For Designers, but it has a lot of limitations that I would bypass because I’d like to use the carousel in a full block context and second because I want use the “Swipe” touch gesture to scroll the carousel (tablet context).  Let’s see how I’ve solved them and improved the Carousel!


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