Tag: Data URI

  • Multiple files download on single link click

    Sometimes happens that some people need to download multiple file from a single user interaction: the click on the link. Assuming that your  browser suppors Javascript and considering to use jQuery to simplify the concepts, you can use a simple script to accomplish this job.

  • Detect if browser supports base64 dataURI using JavaScript

    A long time ago Flickr have introduced base64 dataURI images in its pages. It brings a lot of benefits for users and web servers but at the time the most of the browsers was not supporting this schema. For the ones that does not konw what base64 data URI is, just mind to something that is written using 6 […]

  • Generate CSV Data URI from a table via javascript

    Sometimes happens to export data from table in other format like XML or CSV. In this easy tutorial, we can see how to export data from table into CSV on client side using data stored into an HTML table.