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  • ALPHA Framework: Storage 1.2 … What’s new?

    In the latest post on this blog, I was writing about news regarding Class Model of ALPHA Framework. In this post I would to announce the all news about the latest 2 releases (version 1.1 and 1.2) of Storage Class.

  • ALPHA Framework: Model 2.x … what’s new?

    Some months ago I’ve started to work to a big project using ALPHA Framework. This project is pushing ALPHA Framework to its full potentials and, thanks to that, I’m discovering a some bugs and making a lot of improvements in the source code. In the latest two weeks is what has happened to the Model […]

  • Using ALPHA Framework over LightTPD

    In the latest two weeks I was thinking about make some tests with ALPHA Framework and LightTPD. The goal of ALPHA Framework is that the application developers should take care about their web applications and don’t need to care about the other layers ( database, web server, authentication). With this concept in mind,┬áthe last week […]

  • ALPHA Framework – Architectural Overview

    The slideshow that follows describes shortly how ALPHA Framework works on the server.

  • Build your first application with DLM ALPHA

    Yesterday I wrote you about ALPHA. It was just an overview, the concepts that lead the ALPHA framework to born. Today I would let you know how to build your first application with ALPHA. There are 2 possible ways to do it: Automated script Manual The first is fastest and ensure you to have a […]

  • Introducing DLM ALPHA Framework

    In the latest 2 years I spent a lot of my time to develop an application framework that allow users to build Web Applications in an as simple as accessible way. When I thought about that Application Framework, I meant a way to produce applications that would be accessible, lightweigth and fast writing.Then I hadn’t […]