Tag: Accessible and Lightweight PHP Application Framework

  • ALPHA Framework – Architectural Overview

    The slideshow that follows describes shortly how ALPHA Framework works on the server.

  • Build your first application with DLM ALPHA

    Yesterday I wrote you about ALPHA. It was just an overview, the concepts that lead the ALPHA framework to born. Today I would let you know how to build your first application with ALPHA. There are 2 possible ways to do it: Automated script Manual The first is fastest and ensure you to have a […]

  • Introducing DLM ALPHA Framework

    In the latest 2 years I spent a lot of my time to develop an application framework that allow users to build Web Applications in an as simple as accessible way. When I thought about that Application Framework, I meant a way to produce applications that would be accessible, lightweigth and fast writing.Then I hadn’t […]