ALPHA Framework – Architectural Overview

The slideshow that follows describes shortly how ALPHA Framework works on the server.


Build your first application with DLM ALPHA

Yesterday I wrote you about ALPHA. It was just an overview, the concepts that lead the ALPHA framework to born.

Today I would let you know how to build your first application with ALPHA.

There are 2 possible ways to do it:

  1. Automated script
  2. Manual

The first is fastest and ensure you to have a working project immediatelly. The second requires a proof understanding of the project structure and is slowest, requiring you to create and edit some files and some directory one at once.


Introducing DLM ALPHA Framework

In the latest 2 years I spent a lot of my time to develop an application framework that allow users to build Web Applications in an as simple as accessible way.

When I thought about that Application Framework, I meant a way to produce applications that would be accessible, lightweigth and fast writing.Then I hadn’t a real name for it so i named it simply “core” until i figure its real name ALPHA.

ALPHA is an acronym that means Accessible and Lightweight PHP Web Application Framework.

The framework implements the singleton pattern (using an object named ClassFactory) and has its proprietary templating engine named CuTeML (Curly bracket Template Modeling Language) a mix of XHTML and items embedded in curly bracket characters. It is similar to Smarty but more light.

The client side interaction (Javascript) is demanded to JAST Framework, a simple Javascript set of libraries.

An example script that produces a simple page is the following:

$m = ClassFactory::get('Model');

The framework is released under LGPL 3.0 License.

More informations about the framework are available on the wiki page of the project (actually in italian language) hosted on github

I’m looking for volounteers that want to cooperate with me to support, improve and test the current funcctionality of the framework and in documentation enhancing/translating.

If you’re interested in it please leave me a comment or write me an email me[at]diego[remove-me]la[remove-me]monica[dot]info

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