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Ubuntu 16.04, risolvere errore “service start-limit-hit”

Provando ad installare fail2ban su una macchina di prova, nella quale verificare alcune configurazioni di rete, ho notato che di punto in bianco il servizio fail2ban non voleva più partire suggerendomi di verificare lo stato del servizio o usare il …

Operating System

How to make libreoffice headless to work on CentOS 6.3

In the latest days I was wondering how to make a minimal file-server able to convert some documents readable from LibreOffice to PDF.

The first thing I’ve done was to install a Virtual Machine with CentOS 6.3 Minimal (No serverX, …


How to install Pencil sketching tool on Ubuntu 12.04

Today I was working on an interface concept for an old web application I’ve develped few years ago. On my notebook I had an old version of Pencil Sketching tool so I’ve decided to install on my Desktop the latest …