Howto: Ubuntu make running applications visible on the Unity launcher

Today I was installing a new Ubuntu 12.04 LTS machine and all goes fine during the setup.

During the configuration I’ve noticed that some applications does not appear in the unity launcher evenif they were running.

I found that there is a Unity bug that causes this strange behavior.

The Bug is signed as Low resolution priority and, obviously, I don’t want to wait for the Canonical resolution of the bug because I have another working copy of Ubuntu 12.04 and it seems to be not affected from the above bug.

Then, the only thing I did to restore the right launcher behavior was to type ALT + F2 (“run a command”) and reset unily using the command unity –reset & exit

The above unity –reset tells to Unity to reinitialize its interface and display all running applications on the unity launcher bar.

Since when I’ve resetted Unity I did not restart my computer, I will try after a reboot to check if the unwanted behavior is still there. If not I can tell that the problem is solved else I will update this post!

Stay tuned!






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  1. Avatar Barton Parsons

    Yes, this bug also affect Precise, I’m running Precise on two PC with NVIDIA card (1with x86 arch and 1 with amd64 arch) and the 304.51 driver produce the bug.

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